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Square Enix’s fresh-faced hit The New York Times called “one of the best role playing games ever designed for anything” has busted onto iOS in a big way, with a slick and addictive new combat system, eye-popping HD art, and (of course) plenty of zetta awesome reasons for longtime fans to double dip.-

Intuitive, addictive combat with a twist

Activate your combat abilities, or “psychs,” with simple touch commands like tapping, slashing, and dragging. Comfy with that? Control Neku and his Game partner on the same screen and take the combat up a notch. Like loot? Boost your item drops in battle with the revamped Fusion system.

The Ultimate Psych: Fusion:Attacking enemies with your partner or using certain items will boost your sync rate. Once your sync rate passes 100%, a Fusion pin will appear. Tap the pin to unleash a powerful attack that wrecks everything in sight and heals a little of Neku’s HP. Eventually, you’ll be able to boost your sync rate to 200% or 300% for even more powerful Fusions!

ESP Cards: Neku and Shiki:You can power up your Fusion with these cards. Quickly memorize the cards, then tap the ones with the same symbol as the card at the top. The more you get right, the more damage your Fusion will deal, and the more likely enemies will drop nice items if the Fusion takes them out.

Kinesis Cards: Neku and Beat:Tap extra cards to discard them and close the gaps. When two cards of the same suit touch, they will disappear. Go for a chain reaction!

Mantic Cards: Neku and Joshua:Tap the cards in numerical order as fast as you can, but watch out for the ones written backwards.

Deep replay value

Finish the main story to unlock a hilarious bonus chapter, more quests and items to find, new combat challenges, and secret reports that flesh out the story even more.

Wireless arcade action with friends

Use the pins you equip in the main story to play Tin Pin Slammer! Take on other players with iPhones or iPads and copies of The World Ends with You, and be the first to knock your opponents’ pins off the table!

Redrawn art and Retina display support

Enjoy the game in full HD on your Retina-enabled iPhone 4 or later device. Art and animation across the game has been redrawn just for this release, making combat a beautiful experience. This is how all 2D classics should look.

The ultimate soundtrack: 60 songs

Composer Takeharu Ishimoto’s complete, sonically sublime soundtrack is included right in the game with high-quality audio and full vocals, including remixes and new songs.

Wirelessly trade Friend Cards

Exchange profiles with other players, and their avatars will appear in the streets of Shibuya! Not only that, you receive free items for every trade!