DEMONS' SCORE End of Service


DEMONS’ SCORE End of Service

We are sad to announce that all service for DEMONS’ SCORE will come to an end on September 17, 2014. This also means that in-app purchasing will no longer be available.

Although the game will not function properly on iOS 8, it will remain playable on devices running iOS 7.1.2 or a previous version. Please note that the game will no longer be available for download after September 18. Any players wishing to delete the game from their device are therefore encouraged to backup their data before doing so.

We thank you very much for playing DEMONS’ SCORE, and hope that you continue to enjoy it.

■ DEMONS’ SCORE THD [Google Play]

DEMONS' SCORE End of Service

We regret to announce that service for DEMONS' SCORE will end on September 29, 2014.

Consequently, all in-app purchases and Souleater sales will become unavailable on August 28, 2014. Please note that any player who purchases the game prior to September 29 will still be able to both play and download the game after service ends.

We apologize to all players affected by this unfortunate news, and hope that you will continue to enjoy playing DEMONS' SCORE.